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  • Leila E. Cole

Get to Know Brendan Fallis

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

From: Durham, Ontario, Canada Pursuit: DJ/Model/Entrepreneur WHAT PROJECTS ARE YOU CURRENTLY WORKING ON?

I’ve got a few in hand right now. My role as a DJ is on the top of my list as it’s my bread and butter, but I’ve been working, for the last two years, on building my personal brand. With DJing comes bookings and I had quite a few coming in so I started an agency called PRE.VEYOR to handle the bookings. That has since become a pretty busy initiative with 8 talent clients on the roster. Because of the relationships that I have built through DJing, I have been able to get into the music streaming/programming business. I’m just getting my feet wet on that front, but picking up clients at a good pace. Beyond that, I’m invested in a few tech businesses. A great monetization platform for online fashion content providers called NMRKT, a residential real-estate platform that will act as a Zaggat for rentals in it’s most broad description called RentCheck and an online music lessons platform from very accredited instructors called ToneRow. WHAT IS A TYPICAL DAY LIKE FOR YOU? Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, my days are rarely the same. Sometimes their travel packed, sometimes it’s just catching up on emails at home and other days, it can be anything from a photo shoot to a day that is staked with meetings. Either way, the one constant in my life is eating well and exercising, mixed with work emails and downloading music. I try to be up early and if time/schedule permits, a 10-15 minute mid day nap is increasingly useful. A lot of people hate on my napping, but studies prove it’s benefits, And if you can schedule time for one and shut your brain down easily, it’s a huge plus. HOW DO YOU STAY INSPIRED? I try and surround myself with people who I want to learn from and grow with, as well as people I look up to, although they seem to be falling into the same category lately. By putting myself in situations with people who have accomplished their goals and/or are working actively towards them. by putting myself in those situations constantly, it helps me to think outside the box and push myself to always do more. I recently had the pleasure of eating lunch with Hugh Evans who founded the Global Poverty Project, and if you don’t feel inspired when you’ve met that man, then I’m not sure what could inspire you. WHO ARE YOUR FAVORITE ARTISTS (MUSIC-WISE)? Right now I am loving Drake a lot. Gotta respect the Canadian roots. Loving this band called Voyageur, a producer named MNEK, a new artist named Post Malone as well. Chet Faker. I am also really excited about what Makonnen and Tourist have in the works. WHAT IS YOUR DEFINITION OF A MAN? I would say it’s someone who carry’s themselves confidently, can navigate any scenario reasonably and responsibly, someone who isn’t afraid to ask questions and be humbled by answers and someone who believes in chivalry, as I personally believe it’s not dead. WHAT QUALITIES; PHYSICAL OR OTHER, DO YOU FIND IRRESISTIBLE IN A WOMAN? That is very dependent on the woman. You could love one quality of woman in general, and see it from a far, but when you meet that woman, you could find it repulsive based on her personality. So personality is up there for me at the top because it allows all of the other parts to shine. That being said, is anyone really mad at a great ass? Just saying…. WHAT DO YOU WISH SOMEONE WOULD INVENT? Since I’ve been a kid, I have wanted to invent a device that could transfer pain from one person to another. So if you had lung pain, you could put one end on your lungs and the doctor could put the other end on his lungs and could feel exactly what you’re feeling. It would help people diagnose problems much quicker in some cases. In reality though, my mom never believed I was feeling sick, and still sent me to school, so I just wanted her to feel how bad I felt, or how sore my throat was, so I didn’t have to go to school. WHAT CAN WE EXPECT FROM YOU IN THE FUTURE? Tough to say what to expect in the future. I think it’s more about what we can all expect from ourselves rather then others. I hope to stay true to myself and my beliefs and continue to set goals within reach and further beyond. I can’t say for sure if I’m going to do anything ground breaking that everyone or anyone who knows me can say told you so, or he said that, but rather just going to keep my head down and keep pushing forward. I never thought I’d be where I am now, and I hope to be able to continue to say that as my life continues.

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