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  • Leila E. Cole

Acne Who?

Not to sound completely facetious, but I feel pretty blessed to have been spared the acne phase that started for some in middle school or high school. Even throughout uni and post-studies, I was acne-free. Well, let me rephrase that —besides the occasional monstrosity on my cheek or chin, I was acne-free. And although I’m so grateful that I didn’t have to combat acne on a regular basis growing up, I’ve discovered some pretty nifty solutions to ward off the occasional pimple or two from my face. Here are a few products I find work like a dream.

Clearasil, Gentle Prevention Daily Clean Pads,$9

I use these after cleansing my skin, during my nighttime routine. In my experience these pads were great for eliminating any residual oil or residue, with salicylic acid acne medication to treat any pimples brewing under the surface, before they even have the chance to make an appearance.

The Better Skin Co., Zit No More, $18

Now that I’m working from home full time, I’d honestly dab this on either morning or evening, after cleansing. Although the instructions and packaging prompt you to just roll directly onto acne, I just feel like acne = bacteria, and I don’t want to contaminate the whole bottle. So, alternatively, I just roll it onto the tip of my pinky finger and apply it that way —washing my hands before and after.

Sunday Riley, Saturn Sulfur Spot Treatment Mask, $20

I apply this mask directly onto my problem area, typically leaving over night. The gentle tingle I feel lets me know it’s doing what it should. After a few hours of (or overnight) use, I find that the pimple looks significantly less inflamed, and doesn’t appear as puffy aka it’s far less dense. I should point out that this mask contains tea tree oil ($9), which I’ve found particularly effective on its own —as an essential oil. Because of its potency and purifying nature, I now keep at least one bottle on deck at all times.

Peace Out Acne, Acne Healing Dots, $19

Don’t let these little “stickers” fool you —they’re legit. I feel pretty qualified to make that assessment considering I’m literally writing this piece as I tackle the latter stage of two pimples on opposite sides of my face. Left cheek, right cheek.. tell tale signs of "maskne" my friends.


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