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Heritage Hair NYC

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

We sat down with owner of Heritage Hair NYC, Melinda Bouldin, to learn about her journey in the beauty industry and what inspired her to open up her own hair salon. What’s your background? Training, hair study etc?

NYC bred, any other roots that molded you? I’ve been in the hair business for 12 years. I graduated at LIBS and worked under some of the most prominent hairstylist of today. I love New York because it such a diverse city. Being a native New Yorker, gives me the opportunity to work on all types of hair. What inspired you to open your own salon?

I’ve always wanted to have a space in order to be creative and execute different ideas. Any meaning/symbolism behind the name, Heritage?

When I came up with the name Heritage Hair NYC, I was thinking of all the different types of textures and styles we wear everyday. I wanted to include everyone. I wanted everyone to have a voice. What sets Heritage apart? What’s your clientele like?

Heritage Hair NYC is a salon with an down to earth environment filled with talented hair stylist. Our hairstylist takes the time to listen to our clients needs and create looks that works from their life. How did you choose the LES, as the salon’s location? What are the perks, and cons (if any) of being in this area?

Heritage Hair NYC is located at 96 Orchard Street. Neighbors to dozens of galleries and unique restaurants. Its really a cool environment to be creative and watch creativity happen. We love people watching, celebrity sightings and street styles.

What’s the most challenging part of your career? Most rewarding?

Having a business in New York is a lot of work. New York is a really trendy place and we are constantly inspired by different styles. What hair tip do you swear by yourself?

A hair tip that I would suggest is using heat protectors. Any universal hair tip you advise our readers to live by? Find products and a hair stylist you love, trust and stick with them. Take the headache and guess work out of it. Top 3 hair trends for Spring 2016?

BOBS, BLONDE, and BRAIDS. We are planning a series of fun events catered towards these fun styles. Come spend a few hours with us – learn a few tutorials and grab a bite + drink. Dates coming soon (, but here’s a little teaser. (Photo credits: Charity Jolivette-Williams / Riana Bawalan)


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