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Winter 2020 Beauty Picks

Updated: May 11

One major realization made in 2019 is that our overall skincare is quite an important piece towards our comprehensive health and wellness puzzle. Feeling good in our skin can completely change our mood, thus affecting our confidence and ultimately the actions we take in our lives.

Here are 15 products I've been loving --products helping me look and feel amazing in my skin.

For referential purposes, I'm listing the products in order of how they fall in my skincare routine. Think about it like this, "Step 1, step 2" and so on...

1. Premium Cotton Rounds, My Cotton by Cliganic

I use these cotton rounds every day, multiple times a day. For starters, when I wake up I take one round, saturate it with Laneige's Vitamin Brightening Cleansing water and wipe my face with it. This is followed by me either washing my face or jumping into the shower. Post washing my face or shower, I saturate a fresh round with toner and apply it to my face (and neck), before applying serum + moisturizer.

I use this as just that! Laneige's Vitamin Brightening Cleansing Water is perfect for removing oil or to prep your skin prior to washing your face. You'll be surprised at how much oil etc. can sit on top of your skin and build up in your pores. *Bonus* I feel like I'll keep this bottle after the product is done because I absolutely love the packaging. When you lift the cover, you simply pump to release the product.

This cleanser makes my skin feel so clean! There's just something about charcoal --despite its black color, it cleanses like no other. The texture of this facial wash is perfection and hugs the skin so nicely, yet rinses off completely.

4. Glow2OH Dark Spot Toner, Ole Henriksen (☾)

I cannot tell you how amazing this toner is! WOW. I started off using this product here and there but finally got it together and began using it every single night. I absolutely love it. I've dealt with hyper-pigmentation on my face and I have to say that this toner has done wonders for evening my skin tone and clearing away dark spots. Ole Henriksen's not kidding when they say it "Transform[s]".

5. Balancing Force Oil Control Toner, Ole Henriksen (☼)

As someone that fights with oily skin, I'm glad I was introduced to this product. I use this toner every morning, after I wash my face or shower --and during the day if I have oil build up in my T-zone that I want to get rid of!

My skin literally glows after I apply this serum. I use it at night before applying eye cream + moisturizer. It's lightweight (as good serums are) and will instantly brighten your face, which is pretty unreal. I appreciate how noticeably bouncy your skin becomes after continued use of this product. Cheers to collagen!

7. C+ Collagen Brighten & Firm Eye Cream, Dr. Dennis Gross (☾)

I decided to keep it in the family, since I love DDG's C+ serum so much. This eye cream is a nice, light texture and does the trick. I value when a brand has a range of products within a line, so you can build up the benefits. Who doesn't want brightness around their eyes?

Glowing skin is always in. I once heard Vogue Magazine's Beauty Editor, Jenna Rennert say "Go to bed oily, wake up glowing!" This face oil is obviously oily when you first apply it, especially if you apply it fairly generously, as I do, but the glow is instant and reveals itself on another level in the morning. I used to run away from face oils since I battle oily skin but I've realized that a good face oil at night is everything.

Smells amazing. Is skin plumping. And super moisturizing. I discovered this product at the height of Game of Throne's last season and have to say that the name was definitely captivating. I really appreciate moisturization on my face, especially coming from my nighttime products.

Witch Hazel is something I'd heard of but wasn't familiar with. I love the fresh combo of rosewater and witch hazel. It just whispers "delicate" and "clean". I've used this product as a toner on my face and have even sprayed it lightly on my underarms, before applying deodorant.

11. 100% Pure Baobab Oil, Shea Moisture

I love mixing a pump of this oil into my lotion and rubbing my hands with it. The combination is so rich in texture and really sinks into the skin well.

12. The Revitalizing Oil, Darphin Paris

This oil smells lovely. I use it throughout the day to moisturize my hands and cuticles.

13. Satin Pillowcase for Hair and Skin with Envelope Closure, Lannomo

I use both the silky white satin pillowcases, as well as the silky white striped pillowcases. I just love that combo together. More often than not, I actually lay on the silky white, just because they are smoother on the skin.

I used to shy away from hair masks because I thought that they were just an added step and created too much work. In actuality, this nourishing hair mask works amazingly for co-washing my hair! I've also used it in my hair pre-wash, to add moisture deep within. Your hair needs to be fed too!

15. Ghost Dry Oil, Verb

My first time using a dry oil. THANK YOU Verb. This product is fantastic. The texture is like nothing I've ever tried before. This dry oil moisturizes, yet somehow is so light that it doesn't weigh down your hair. Another plus --it smells pretty fresh. When most people (like myself) think oil, they think heavy --that's not the case with this dry oil. It is weightless!

Happy New Year 2020!


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