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  • Leila E. Cole


Picture this: luxurious accommodations, mouthwatering food and an astonishing array of attractions and entertainment. Welcome to Macau. Just a ferry ride away from Hong Kong, the island of Macau is rich with culture and hospitality. Per the Macau Government Tourist Office, November in Macau is the most pleasant season with average temperatures ranging from a high of 75 degrees Fahrenheit daily to a low of 65 in the evening. Luckily, Z!NK can vouch for that. Brace yourself for the 16-hour flight from New York, but what awaits you upon arrival is well worth it. We recommend arriving in Macau and transferring to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Talk about top-notch . Upon entering your room, you will first notice the customized greeting on your flat screen, followed by the delectable hors d’oeurves offered to nibble, amongst many other treats strewed throughout your suite. Rooms boast lavish bedding providing superb comfort, not to mention the large bathrooms equipped with glass enclosed walk-in showers, separate baths and twin vanities. The marble bathrooms offer an assuasive escape and serve as sanctuaries for the body and mind. But let’s not forget a window view the heavens would be in awe of. On the prow of the NAPE waterfront, the “Waterfront Suites” of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel overlook panoramic views of Nam Van Lake, the Macau Tower and the hills of the South China coastline. What’s more, these specially designed suites offer guests the luxury of watching as the sun rises and sets over the water while reclining in bed or unwinding in a tranquil bath. Is this real life? During your stay at this hotel, find time to sink your teeth into the many tantalizing dishes at the Vida Rica Restaurant and Bar. Rest assured the selection is plenty, so prepare your palate for a celebration. Amidst your daily activities, make time to visit the Macau Tower, an impressive structure featuring the world’s highest bungee jump, “Sky Jump.” Better yet, spend a whole day. Thrill seekers can enjoy walking the rim of the tower, “Skywalk,” or do the “Tower Climb” to the top. This new tourist spot not only offers the greatest views of Macau, but also a cinema, cafes, restaurants, a shopping mall, a conference center and an exhibition hall. For dinner, be sure to feast at the 360 Café — the revolving restaurant at the Macau Tower. The dining experience alone will leave you mesmerized; affording you an all-around, scenic view of Macau, as you’re slowly rotated. To get a taste of traditional Macanese history, a stop at the Macao Museum is in order. Other meaningful landmarks including the Ruins of St. Paul, Senado Square (both also part of the Old Christian City and World Heritage site), Taipa Village, historic Camoes Garden and the renowned A-Ma Temple are worth seeing. Such places demonstrate the way of life and culture of the various communities that have inhabited the city for ages. If you’re seeking two more ways to round off your day, think no more: food and spa. Colonized by the Portuguese, Macau has a huge Portuguese influence present in its architecture, overall culture and cuisine. Regardless of your appetite, you’ll surely delight in the combination and adaptation of dishes by the local Chinese. After catering to your heart’s content, pamper yourself at The Spa at the WYNN Hotel. Indulgence knows no bounds at this luxe oasis, with a signature four-hand massage treatment. With casinos at your disposal, take advantage of the fact that you’re in Asia’s very own Las Vegas. Macau’s economy is heavily reliant on the gaming industry, which has taken on such a trendy appeal, attracting some of the wealthiest travelers and adventure seekers. Play, shop, sightsee, wine and dine. The possibilities here are endless.


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