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Men's Hair Trends 2015

This season, men’s hair fashion takes its cues from the 1950s but with a decidedly more tousled touch. The most popular look starts with a low mid fade that removes the weight, but keeps the top long and thick. With the right styling product, the top is shaped but gently mussed. The overall effect is that the volume (and the lusciousness) is maintained, resulting in a look that is clean but not rigid. For guys with even more volume to play with, another option is to go with the “ducktail,” a sort of early James Dean kind of look. Slicked back hair left long on the sides meet right in the center of the back of your head to form a perfect part. Beware: only men with thick, long hair can actually pull off this pseudo-pompadour, and contrary to how it looks, it is actually relatively high maintenance (as opposed to the low-mid fade discussed above). Men with thinner hair can also get in on the throwback trend, but think more Don Draper, and less rebel-without-a-cause. But instead of sticking with Don’s ultra slick look, we’re changing it up with a more matte approach. Here, again, the key is to find the right products that add volume but compliment your particular hair type without making it look weighed down. In color, the most fashion-forward men are stunning the sidewalks with a silvery platinum look. Think Khaleesi (or her less-fortunate kin), but with darker roots. This, too, will require a bit more maintenance than your run-of-the-mill highlights or single process, but those of us who love to experiment with color on short hair are no strangers to the requisites of maintenance. —​Yoni Kreger

(Photography by: Steven Gomillion + Dennis Leupold at GNL Studios, Styled by: Ashley Sean Thomas, Hair + Makeup by: Grace Phillips for Oribe + For De Peau)


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