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Summer Hair Tips

During the Summer months the sun and humidity our hair can become oily, flat or dry, frizzy or puffy depending on your hair type or texture. Perspiration and the sticky humidity can make your hair feel dirty all the time. Oily and flat hair should be shampooed once a day or rinsed with tepid water every other day to feel refreshed. Keep most of the conditioners off your scalp unless it’s a treatment base conditioner. For a fast hair “pick me up” use a light dry shampoo/texture spray to absorb any oil and create a lift to your hair. Dry and frizzy hair should be shampooed once a day or can be rinsed with conditioner every other day. Use a good treatment based shampoo and conditioner. Dry and frizzy hair need a bit more styling products to give moisture and control frizz to make the hair more manageable. During the hot Summer months wearing beautiful simple or stylized braids, buns and updos not only will you look fantastic but feel cooler and comfortable too. When swimming at beaches or pools always wet your hair 1st and then apply a conditioner to your hair, create a braid or bun afterwards then wear your swim cap if in a pool. Wetting your hair and applying conditioner creates a barrier to lessen the damaging effects of the salt water at the beach or chlorine from the pool. All hair types and textures need great products to help your hair get the great benefits and achieve different hairstyles to look amazing. Always use humidity resistant, curl defining, sun protective products to combat the elements for your hair type. Enjoy the summer looking your best even in the worst heat your hair will thank you for it. —​Randy Darden

(Photo shot by: Greg Swales, 2014)


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