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  • Leila E. Cole

Get to Know Lauren "Lo" Bosworth

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

From: Laguna Beach Pursuit: Founder of Love Wellness and, and podcasting weekly on Lady Lovin’


Love Wellness, my new collection of women’s wellness products, launched in mid-October and it’s been insane! We’re so excited at the response and are working everyday to bring new products to market and reach women who are looking for natural, doctor-recommended products for feminine health. WHAT IS A TYPICAL DAY LIKE FOR YOU?

I either work from home or Soho House so that dictates quite a bit. I wake up early and take care of mine and my boyfriend’s puppy and then head to the gym. From there my day is spent on my phone or computer answering emails. I try to see my friends a few times a week and cook dinner for my boyfriend every other night. WHAT MOTIVATED YOU TO START LOVE WELLNESS? WHAT WAS YOUR VISION, AND WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING TO ACHIEVE?

I’m a woman who is ingredient-savvy, and noticed that there were very few options available to women to help keep their health in check. Everything that fixes a yeast infection that’s over the counter is full of dangerous chemicals and can exacerbate issues rather than fix them. Balancing the vaginal environment is more than just good hygiene – it’s about gut health, pH, and maintaining good bacteria as well. I’ve created a collection of products that takes care of the most common issues women face and address the root causes of chronic issues as well. WHAT DO YOU FIND MOST CHALLENGING ABOUT YOUR CAREER?

The biggest challenge I’ve faced in my career is overcoming the stigma of being on a reality television show. I’ve found that a lot of individuals automatically assume I’m vapid and low-IQ, and aren’t afraid to share that directly with me. I’m a person at the end of the day and am just looking for a fair shot. HOW DO YOU STAY INSPIRED? ANY VOTE-OF-CONFIDENCE YOU’VE RECEIVED THAT YOU’RE SO THANKFUL YOU DID?

Inspiration comes from within but it also comes from friends and family members. I’m really fortunate to have people who know me well and feel good about encouraging me to live my best life. BRR, IT’S COLD OUT THERE. WHAT’S ONE WAY TO BRING THE HEAT, AS THE TEMPERATURE DROPS?

Get out of the country! Take a weekend trip to the Caribbean, drink a piña colada, and forget about our president-elect for a few days. ANY TAKEAWAY(S) FROM 2016, THAT WILL HELP YOU SET THE STAGE FOR 2017?

Every person is not only responsible for themselves but for others as well – words, actions, and feelings can have a huge impact on others in unintended ways. We are living in a fractured nation where tensions run high. Don’t unload your stress through negativity. Don’t allow yourself to be brought down by the negativity of others. Be a beacon of hope in your community as champion of all things positive. ANY ADVISE FOR STARTUPS OR YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS?

My best advice is to keep your day job until you have a proof point. Knowing there is a true demand for your idea or business is pretty important before you ditch corporate America for no salary and lots of $.99 ramen noodle dinners! IF YOU COULD LIVE IN ONE PLACE FOREVER, WHERE WOULD IT BE?

My mom’s house, ha! WORDS TO LIVE BY?

Loose lips sink ships – meaning safeguard your secrets and the confidence of those around you. OUR TEAM HERE AT ZINK PRIDES ITSELF ON SERVING AS A PLATFORM FOR NOT ONLY ESTABLISHED, BUT ALSO YOUNG + EMERGING TALENT. WHAT ARE YOU MOST PROUD OF/YOUR MOST SATISFYING ACCOLADE THUS FAR?, my health and wellness website won “Best Celeb Blog” in 2015 – that felt pretty good! Turns out publishing hundreds of posts really does have meaning! WHAT IS ONE THING THAT PEOPLE DO NOT KNOW ABOUT YOU?

I’m allergic to mango, terrified of horses, and that I’m much more comfortable as just another face in the crowd rather than as a public figure.

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