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  • Leila E. Cole

Get to Know Stephanie Mark

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

From: Toronto Currently: NYC Pursuit: Co-Founder and Head of Business Development, COVETEUR Media (The Coveteur Inc.)

Coveteur has become iconic in the industry, how would you describe your evolution? The site started out as a behind the scenes look into people’s homes and wardrobes. From there, we have expanded our content into all things luxury lifestyle while still having our exclusive lens on it.

What is a typical day like for you? I am lucky enough that no two days are ever the same. If I am in NYC my days start off with going to the gym and getting a good start to the day. From there it is a mix of meetings, time in the office and usually some sort of event or dinner at night. If I am on the road it is usually filled with meetings or shoots. Followed by a delicious dinner, of course. Congrats on the book! What was the process like putting it all together? Thank you! The book was definitely a labor of love. Once we had our deal firmed up we started the task of reaching out to the talent we wanted in the book and getting the shoots scheduled. That was a much larger undertaking than we imagined since everyone was all over the world and had completely different schedules. It was truly a team effort of the full Coveteur staff to get everything organized and off the ground. Once all our shoots were done we focused on layout and doing final edits. Then after about a year and a half the book was ready!

What projects are you currently working on? Currently, we are on tour for the book so that is a big one! Besides that we are working on more in real life Coveteur experiences. What do you find most challenging about your career? Finding a balance between work and personal commitments can be very challenging. You're surrounded by endless creativity, how do you stay organized? Honestly- I’m not! I constantly have people reminding me of 100 things a day that I would otherwise forget. Even if it is in my calendar with reminders, there are so many things going on I still won’t remember! Must have(s) this Winter/Holiday season? YES! A good pair of Chanel black boots and a new Celine tote for all holiday travel. Any takeaway(s) from 2016, that will help you set the stage for 2016? Yes. I think the book tour has taught us that our readers and followers love the opportunity to interact with the brand in person so we will continue to put an emphasis on that. Any advise for startups or young entrepreneurs? Just get started! Getting out and starting puts you ahead of so many people who just talk about what they want to do without ever doing it. You've traveled quite a bit, if you could live in one place forever where would it be? Oh I can’t answer that definitively but… Toronto so I would be with my family. Paris for the beauty. LA for the weather. How do you spend your time, when you have some "down-time"? If I have some down time I like to start the day off by sleeping in and then being able to get to the gym with a friend, followed by a leisurely coffee and a walk. After that, it’s Netflix and chill all the way. Words to live by? Work hard and be nice to people. And be inspired. What is one thing that people do not know about you? Some people know, but my middle name is Gayle. Any hidden talents/tricks? I have an uncanny ability to sleep through almost anything. Highlights include the aftershock of an earthquake and a fire alarm in a hotel.

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