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  • Leila E. Cole

Antoine Verglas

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Currently: New York, NY

Pursuit: Photographer

Where did you grow up/hometown?

Paris, France

How did life lead you to this career path? A model girlfriend. A passion for fashion magazines and photography. Although we realize that no two days are alike, what is a typical day like for you? Studio or traveling. But always shooting. What projects are you currently working on? An exhibition in Berlin and a campaign for a luxury hotel chain.

Translated into “she sees” Elle Sees [NYC]'s digital platform is a curated guide to culture and lifestyle —what are your must haves for productivity? What gets your juices flowing? Magazines, street looks, fashion books, etc. Movies, music. What’s the most challenging part of your career? Receive any ‘vote of confidence’ lately that you’re so glad you did? To always surprise and renew yourself. Stay current. Never get old fashioned, passé. How would you describe your creative process? Starting with a moodboard on an idea for a shoot. Looking for ideas in movies, books, old magazines, old fashion books and designer books. What truly inspires you? Old books, movies, the street life. You’ve shot so many icons in the entertainment industry (Angelina Joli, Penelope Cruz and so many influential models), any shoot in particular that really stands out in your mind? My first cover of French Elle, Stephanie Seymour. And 1st cover of French Photo, Claudia Schiffer. You’ve traveled the world quite a bit. Where is your favorite location to shoot? To vacation? Seychelles. Tahiti. St. Barth. Bigsky, Montana. Summer plans? Hamptons, St. Barths, St. Tropez, Ibiza, Mykonos. Any advise for young creatives? Always research and be curious. Words to live by? Fun - love- life - dream. Nothing is unattainable. I try to limit my equipment to the minimum necessary. My canon my 24 70 mm lens. My 80 200 mm lens . A ringflash.

Elle Sees NYC
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