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  • Leila E. Cole

Facialates: A Workout for Your Face

It was a pleasure experiencing Haven Spa Senior Asthetician, Stalina Glot’s “Facialates”. As the name eludes, the 60-minute treatment serves as pilates for your face. Working not only to create more toned and firm facial muscles, the master facialist revealed the benefits the treatment has on lymphatic drainage, reviving skin and reducing puffiness. Giving you more reasons to rejoice, the facial therapy also rejuvenates the skin by triggering cells to produce more collagen. Glot have been working with Haven Spa for 20 years, and is passionate about helping people achieve beautiful skin. She notes that as our skincare needs vary based on the season, learning what works for you is crucial. LC: What inspired you to develop facialates? SG: I want to prevent and fight any signs of aging without invasion. LC: What makes facialates a beneficial and unique offering? SG: Unlike facial massages previously designed, facialates works with every muscle. LC: In your experience [as an esthetician], what would you say is the most common problem area for young women? SG: Acne, broken capillaries, scars and moles. LC: What do you find most challenging about your career? SG: The challenging part is telling a client the naked truth about their skin condition(s). Not everyone wants to hear it —because sometimes it’s not pretty. LC: Basic ‘to-do’s’ for maintaining healthy skin? SG: It’s very easy to maintain healthy skin; cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize.


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